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Typical Transactions that Happen on a B2B Website

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We are all familiar with the B2C eBusiness website model. But maybe not so familiar with B2B models, since you typically must be a trusted and registered business partner to gain entrance.

What are some typical transactions that happen on a B2B website?

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B2B Commerce:

B2B Commerce is an acronym in business that stands for Business to Business Commerce. These are transactions in an organization that is aimed at the wholesale buyers of the firms as well as other business enterprise across the internet. The B2C is an acronym that stands for the Business to Consumer. The B2C e Business website model is one that stipulates transactions of business operations with individual consumers across the internet. The major significance of this model in an organization is that high volumes of sales are transacted at relatively lower prices. The companies and wholesales involved with B2C eBusiness website model in this case take advantage of the opportunities given by high economies of scale (Talloo, 2007).

The typical transaction that occur in the on a B2B website are ...

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The solution discusses typical transactions that happen on a B2B website.

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