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    Write a paper that explains how ethical, legal, and regulatory issues differ on a B2C site compared to a B2B. Give specifics.

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    Both B2B and B2C are similar as well as different in numerous ways in areas like ethical, legal and regulatory issues. To identify finer points of differences as well as similarities, let us take each of these areas one by one.

    Ethical Issues:

    Ethics is one of the most important issues concerning ebusinesses, be it B2B, B2C or any other form of ebusiness. In today's era of internet and ecommerce, rising identity theft and consumer privacy related issues has made consumers much more aware about ethical issues pertaining to ebusinesses. Both B2B and B2C websites need to adhere to highest ethical standards, be it related to protecting the confidential information provided by their respective customers, be it related to conducting transactions over the web in the most secure manner, or be it related to using private information for different purposes. Ethics plays a very dominant role in the functioning for both types of businesses.

    Some of the differences that lie between the two types of businesses are those related to the type of ethical issues that these sites need to address. B2C sites are concerned more about general ethical issues pertaining to consumer privacy and security, whereas B2B's ethical parameters also include areas like industry or trade association's ethical code of conduct, ethical issues surrounding general business transactions such as protection of secret trade ...

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