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E-Commerce, Strategic Planning, Internet Business

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1) What indicators suggest e-commerce is here to stay? Explain.
2) When you hear someone talking about strategic planning, what is the person focusing on? In terms of e-commerce, what questions does an online merchant consider when strategizing? Explain.
3) Elaborate on the distinctive types of hardware and software necessary to launch a business on the Internet.

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1) What indicators suggest e-commerce is here to stay? Explain.

Convenience and wide array of online products are attracting online shoppers.
Caridi (2012) said that "the advantages of online shopping-"lower prices, greater convenience, broader selection and richer product information" are driving consumers to shift more of their purchases from physical stores to retail websites".

Another indicator the growth in online retail sales by leaps and bounds.
"US online retail reached $175 billion in 2007 and is projected to grow to $335 billion by 2012" (Strategic eCommerce Solutions, 2012).
"Online sales of apparel and accessories are now growing faster than any other e-commerce product segment, and the category is poised to help US retail e-commerce sales grow 15.4% to $224.2 billion in 2012, after stronger-than-expected sales took the market to $194.3 billion last year" (eMarketer, 2012).

Sales generated from e-commerce continued to soar.
"The e-commerce segment has continued to see strong ...

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The solution argued why e-commerce will be around for decades to come. It discusses also e-commerce strategic planning, and hardware and software necessary to launch a business on the Internet.

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Strauss, J. (2012). E-Marketing. (6th ed). Prentice Hall

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