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Questions about Strategic Alliances

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1. Compare and contrast the kinds of commitment needed in a strategic alliance.

2. Explain conditions under which a firm chooses a management structure available for a strategic alliance.

3. What are e-commerce enablers? Why are they becoming essential to e-commerce? What are the essential services provided by e-commerce enablers?

4. If an alliance fails to meet strategic goals, how do top managers resolve the situation? How can an alliance be improved?

Each question should be 75 words each.

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1. Compare and contrast the kinds of commitment needed in a strategic alliance.

The type of commitment required for a successful strategic alliance is predicated upon ensuring that both sides remain trustful of each other's intentions and dedication to the alliance. Therefore, organizations must develop cooperative interdependence that is built upon trust and respect for what each organization brings to the table. Commitment must revolving around organizations that are willing to pool the cost of establishing new technologies and facilities that are necessary as a strategic alliance requires for organizations to invest manpower, money, and time into a new venture that isn't guaranteed to work, which is why both organizations have to be dedicated to providing the appropriate resources for ensuring success. ...

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