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    Important issues of international strategic alliances

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    Explain some of the more important issues of international strategic alliances. As a CEO, provide some of your approaches that can make an existing international strategic alliance work better.

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    //Prior to taking about the major issues related to international strategic alliances, firstly we will discuss in general about international strategic alliances in order to raise your knowledge in this concern. So, firstly we will talk about international strategic alliance under the heading of Introduction, for example://


    International strategic alliance is defined as a cooperative agreement between organizations, which goes beyond normal company to company dealings. It is an effective route for executing strategy that will aid in gaining competitive advantage in the situation when high upheaval and diversity in the business environment and high gap in firms resource and skills. This shows that it can offset organizations competitive disadvantages. With this international strategy, firms can easily access new markets as well as local distribution networks that will lastly aid in saving unneeded capital expenditure or costs. Besides that, it will improve the business efficiency and performance and thereby, high changes of survival will also turn better. International strategic alliances not only helps in gaining approach to management skills and financial resources, but also turns down the risk, that would assist in surviving in a highly competitive environment. But, in this context, there are various major potential issues that create an impediment in international strategic alliance work. Some of the major issues of international strategic alliance are compatibility between culture and partner, trust, control, etc. (Rugman, 2009).

    //Above we have talked about international strategic alliance that is one of the common international routes which enhance the position of the business. As per directions, we will talk about more important issues of international strategic alliances that are currently faced by organizations. I am just providing a brief overview. You are free to add more in this part that you find suitable.//

    Issues of International Strategic Alliances:

    Due to Globalization, International Strategic Alliances in the global world are playing an important role in the strategic alliances of firms.. The success ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1305 words with references.