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Sales Promotion Schedule & Advertising Plan

Develop an initial sales promotion schedule;. Create an advertising plan. Microsoft has introduced a chalkboard that has digital display of learning abroad with touch screen interaction. The Digi Teach Board is designed with teaching tools to help the way children as well as adults learn in the classroom.

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//The given discussion is based on the Microsoft Company. In this discussion, the 'Sales Promotion Schedules' and 'Advertising Plans' are suggested for the Company. In the initial discussion of the company the use of technology modification in the company is included.//

Sales Promotion Schedule & Advertising Plan


Technological modifications have changed the scenario of the market with respect to making various processes easier than the others. Technology is the main constituent which has made the life easier. Microsoft is among one of the biggest software companies and proposes technologically equipped products to the customers. The company serves various sectors of the market with its products and services. Microsoft has introduced its new product, which is Digi Teach Board. It provides digital display of learning abroad, with touch screen interaction. In this paper, we will prepare the sales promotion schedule and an advertising plan for Microsoft (New students, new tools and new possibilities: Creating digital learning environments, 2007).

//In the next section of the discussion, the detailed analysis of the sales promotion schedules and the advertising plans for Microsoft are discussed. Both the concepts are discussed in a detail manner, to be comprehensible by the users in clear terms. // ...

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