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Identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy

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Identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy to develop the Ford Escape strategic marketing plan. Need at least 250 words.

Develop an initial sales promotion schedule for the Ford Escape. At least 250 words.

Identify quantifiable elements that can be used to evaluate, monitor and control the effectiveness of the marketing plan. At least 250 words

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The expert identifies the appropriate place and promotional strategy to develop the Ford Escape strategic marketing plan.

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Running Head: FORD

Escape Strategic Marketing Plan for Ford

Place and Promotional Strategy
Ford Escape is a SUV of the company that is manufactured with competent mix of high performance features. The company has replaced some features of this car like its 4 speed automatic transmission has been replaced by 6 speed automatic transmission (2010 Escape, 2010). It is essential to adopt some effective marketing mix strategies to market this SUV of Ford. These are as follow:
Place Strategy: It refers to the distribution of products to final destination. For Ford Escape, it is as follow:
Exclusive distribution: For Ford Escape, indirect distribution channel will be used. It will follow an exclusive distribution strategy (2010 Escape, 2010). Only exclusive dealers will be approached to distribute the company model (Lamb, Hair, Jr & McDaniel, 2008).
Promotional Strategy: It is essential to apply a creative mix of promotional tools to market the brand. For Ford Escape, the promotional tools are as follow:
Sales Promotion: Sales promotional tools like coupons, vouchers, gifts, trade shows, contests etc will be used as a part of sales promotion of Ford Escape (Harper, 2003).
Public relations: Events and sponsorship will be used to promote the model of the company among the target audiences (Lamb, Hair, Jr & McDaniel, 2008).
Advertising: Aggressive advertising will be used to advertise Ford Escape. Advertising pyramid will be followed ...

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