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Work Breakdown Structure: Marketing Related Deliverables

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You are preparing the project budget and schedule for review with your manager. Next week¡¦s meeting will focus on the budget and schedule for the marketing campaign deliverables of the project.

Individual deliverable ¡V continue work on the project plan by documenting the budget cost components for the marketing-related deliverables. Identify and describe the items that will be included in the budget and how those items will be tracked. Refer to PM-BOK and the web resources for details on what to include. Please add your file.

Individually, continue work on the project plan by developing the work breakdown structure for the marketing-related deliverables. For each deliverable, list the following:

Activities that must be completed
Order in which they must be completed
Dependencies between activities
Considerations for duration
Considerations for assigning resources to the activity

Identify any milestones and describe your rationale for why they are milestones. Refer to PM-BOK and the web resources for definitions and additional details. The result should be a list in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Project. Please add your file.

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// Before writing about the order, in which the activities must be completed, it is essential to know about the main aspects of 'Work Breakdown Structure'. One should know how to arrange the key activities according to their length and importance.//

Work Breakdown Structure: Marketing Related Deliverables

The marketing related deliverables for the project would include:

To achieve at least a 15% increase in the profits of the company.

This deliverable is the most important for the company and it can achieve it through effective marketing research and establishing public relations.

1. Marketing research is defined as the systematic collection, design, analysis and sequential reporting of data and finding relevant marketing situations that are faced by the company. Marketing managers often commission formal marketing studies of specific problems and opportunities. Marketing research includes conducting market survey, product difference test, regional sales forecast and evaluation of advertising.

2. Public relations consist of a variety of programs that are designed to promote and protect the image of the company and also its individual products. Both the activities are related to each other.

?æ To increase the sales of the organization by 5%.

1. The company would use aggressive advertising and increase it in order to reach a wider segment of customers. It will be using the print media, television and radio for advertising their products.

2. It will use sales promotion methods for augmenting the sales of the product including the methods like the use of free samples, coupons, gift vouchers, prize packs, etc.

Advertising Sales promotion

Activities that must be completed Advertising objective, budget, media selection, content, evaluate effectiveness. Requirement, Promotion program, Involvement of salesmen, Support of dealers, Advertising agency support, tempo, Timing of campaign and coordination.

//Above is the ...

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