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Marketing Plan for Netflix

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I need help creating an advertising plan for Netflix. I also need to develop a budget for my plan.


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Please find guidelines and ideas for Marketing plan: Netflix down below.

Thanks, Reena


Marketing plan: Netflix
Marketing plan refers to a plan that includes a description of products, buyers, market conditions, sales, potential contracts, marketing mix strategies (price, place, promotion and product) and budgets (Luther, 2011). This paper discusses about the marketing plan of Netflix's green disk product. Netflix, Inc. is the world's leading internet subscription service in order to provide entertainment services related with movies and TV shows (Netflix, 2011). Netflix's devices are available in the US and Canada.

Marketing Plan
Marketing plan for Netflix is as below:

Objectives of marketing plan are as below:
- To develop a strong customer base,
- To increase sales of green disk up-to 40%, (Luther, 2011).
- To position Green Disk in Canada,
- To increase market share and customer loyalty and,
- To increase awareness for Green Disk in Canada (Luther, 2011).

Marketing Strategy:
Marketing strategy is second important component of marketing plan. It helps in integrating organizations goals, policies and actions in order to achieve different objectives and to increase customer satisfaction. Marketing strategies are generally related with choosing an appropriate marketing mix. Marketing mix strategies includes selection of appropriate product strategies, place strategies, promotional strategies and placement strategies ...

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This solution provides a sample marketing plan for Netflix including a budget for said plan.