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    SWOT Analysis Methodology

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    The Netflix's case is useful because it offers a panoramic view of the firm's strategic position. As such, it provides an excellent opportunity for practicing a SWOT analysis. Perform a SWOT analysis on Netflix's Bear in mind that strengths and weaknesses are internal to the firm, while opportunities and threats are external. Further, each of the four categories may not be equally significant. Devote your efforts to those factors that appear most significant.

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    One of the major strengths of Netflix, is its innovative and dynamic marketing techniques, which reaches nearly every segment of the population, which results in a tremendous increase in the amount of individuals that are made aware of the products and services that and it offers. The Netflix marketing activities are instrumental to the organization's success, and it is obvious that this organization places a great deal emphasis on superior marketing methodology. Netflix uses every medium by which to market its services to consumers around the world, and it's Internet marketing campaign is one of his strong points, due to the fact that Netflix advertisement can be found on a variety of different websites, and is hosted on a great deal of web pages as well. By the use of the Internet as a method by which to advertise and market its services, Netflix reaches tens of millions of individuals around the world, and by consistently making the services available to these individuals, it is only a matter of time before individuals take notice of the ads, and become interested in learning more about what the organization has to offer. In addition, Netflix uses the radio as a method by which to market its goods and services as well, with numerous radio ads taking place simultaneously across the nation, and around the world in different languages. Due to the fact that a great deal of individuals listen to the radio on a daily basis, this is an outstanding marketing method that ensures that this organization will be able to promote its services to a very diverse population on ...