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Research versus Program Evaluation

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Your chief executive officer (CEO) has asked you to research the potential revenue generated by the addition of bariatric surgery. What is the difference between research and program evaluation? How would you query the CEO to learn if a research project or a program evaluation would be more appropriate? Explain. Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. thank you!

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When researching potential revenue of the program, you are looking at analysis dealing with the cost versus revenue. For a program evaluation you are concerned more with efficacy of the program, i.e. are you reaching your target population, are you attaining the goals and objectives of the program. Realistically, a program evaluation would help increase the confidence level of your revenue predictions, and cost analysis can help give a holistic view of a program evaluation.

Potential revenue generation

To assess the profitability of a new procedure, you will want to analyze various financial attributes such as the "break even" analysis, the average number of ...

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This solution provides a brief overview of the differences between a revenue potential analysis and a program evaluation. It also suggests how to communicate with the CEO for clarity.

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