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How to select an effective evaluation model

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What must a trainer keep in mind when selecting an effective evaluation model?

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According to Fawcett, S., a good evaluation model should fit well on the nature of the research or evaluation questions the trainer wants to be answered. The goal is to be able to acquire the most reliable and accurate information which can be possible with the correct evaluation questions, nature of the program of research or evaluation, the time constraints, resources, and what the participants will consent to. The evaluation should consider the nature of the program that is being assessed, like if it is for individuals, or for those in groups, education level, classes or training, period of the program, context, philosophy, physical setting, or organizational culture. It may be better to design a simple time series with single group design if dealing with participants on an individual bases while a multiple-group design will be good for evaluating participants in groups.
There are various challenges to a research design and if these issues are easily reduced or resolved, then it is ...

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How to choose an effective evaluation model or design is determined. The criteria of a good evaluation design is provided. The kinds of research or evaluation design; threats to validity (internal and external) are discussed. The solution is answered with 674 words with 2 non-APA references.

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