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Kirkpatrick's 4 Levels of Evaluation

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Would Kirkpatrick's 4 levels of evaluation be an effective tool for evaluating learning in a K-8 classroom?

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Kirkpatricks's 4 levels of evaluation can be an effective tool for evaluating learning in a k-8 classroom.
Level one is Reaction
Level two is learning
Level three is Behavior
Level four is Results

In a k-8 classroom Kirkpatrick model can use the four-level model as an analysis instrument to determine the initial teaching needs and designs of it teaching program; as well as using the model for evaluations.

The uniqueness of using the model is in the fact that the teachers of the program can work backwards in the analysis of the training, starting at level four. The implementation of the Kirkpatrick Model stands as vivid testimony to the versatility of the model as a teaching tool, and in developing pre-K teaching ...

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The expert list the four levels of Kirkpatrick's evaluation of program. Details are provided that describes the benefits of program evaluations and the approach taken by educators in the classroom on how to implement them. Download and discover how to utilize this effective program evaluation today.