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Kirkpatrick's Training Model

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Find an article through ProQuest that discusses Donald Kirkpatrick's Four level Evaluation Model, devised in the 1970s and a standard tool in training circles, and evaluate the value and limitations of the model in practice. How would application of such a model improve training in your organization? What ways could you evaluate results if you were devising a training program? Present your views in 200 words or more in your discussion post.

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The Kirkpatrick's Model identifies four levels for evaluating training: (1) reaction, or how well learners were satisfied the program (2) learning, or principles, facts, and techniques that were learned; (3) behavior, or the changes in job behavior that resulted from the program; and (4) bonafide results in terms of cost reduction, quality and quantity improvements. This model tries to eliminate the bias associated with measures that an organization deems relevant. These types of evaluations may have set criteria that lead to bias. The Kirkpatrick model has been the ...

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One of the best known models for evaluation is the Kirkpatrick Model. The levels of evaluation describe there are used as guides for organizations applying for training awards. Search the internet on "Kirkpatrick Model" to find documentation about this model. Post 1-3 paragraphs comparing this model with the one provided in your textbook.

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