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Kirkpatrick Evaluation

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I understand Kirkpatrick but would love your thoughts...

Kirkpatrick is known for four levels of evaluation:
- Level 1: Reaction
- Level 2: Learning
- Level 3: Behavior
- Level 4: Results

How can these simple four levels be applicable in most organizations? Why would we want the same four levels in most organizations?

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Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation are applicable in most organizations based on their ease of use and simplicity. The first level, reaction, is basically equivalent to customer satisfaction. All organizations are dependent upon satisfied customers for return business. Level 2, evaluating for learning, tests to determine if changes were made in knowledge, skill or attitude. It measures if an organization's actions ...

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This detailed solution explains how Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation can be applied to most organizations and why standardization is important. Reference included.

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