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    Reaction to computer based training at Try Training Company

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    The 'Try Training Company' is having difficulty understanding why its employees are showing little improvement from training on a new word processing software program. The training is a two-hour, computer-based tutorial that employees take on their own time. Design a reaction outcome evaluation that identifies employees' motivation and attitudes about this training. Describe the uses and misuses of the results from this evaluation.

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    See attachment for Training Reaction Evaluation Plan.

    Training Outcome Reaction Evaluation:

    Question Rate from 1 - 10 (1 is low / 10 highest) Suggestions for Improvement
    Did you like the computer based tutorial?
    Did you have enough time to take the training?
    Do you feel you were able to learn all the material?
    If you had questions, did the tutorial answer them?
    Do you prefer computer based training or classroom ...

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    The goals of this training evaluation are to accurately get a feeling for how effective the training is. This anonymous evaluation gives the trainees the opportunity to rank what is good and bad from the training and offer suggestions on improving the overall program. This type of evaluation is targeted at trying to discover why the employees seem to be bored and not able to grasp the concepts that are intended from this computer driven tutorial.