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Good old Fred Knott, the training consultant, has asked for your help again with his client BINZ, Inc. Help Fred design a training strategy for the employees as well as a way to measure or evaluate the success of such strategy.

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For Mr. Knott and the team at BINZ to accurately gauge the success of their changes to the training program they will need to implement some specific tools and measures at each phase of the program that allows them to gain this information. The following proposals will be the general guidelines suggested for helping the BINZ team accomplish constructive evaluations during the phases of their training programs.

Phase 1: BINZ Culture and Vision training / Employee Expectations.
Recommended Evaluation Method
In phase 1, the root goal of this training is to help establish the culture and vision along with all the expectations that come with being a new employee on the sales team at BINZ. The targeted training must be effective and the message well received or it could negatively impact the performance of new hires as they will not be clear on the key concepts required to work at BINZ.

In order to properly gauge the training's success in this phase, we will use the employees own voice as our analytical tool to help us determine if our program has improved. To accomplish this we will obtain employee / trainee's feedback by using an "Evaluation Feedback Form" or survey at the end of the training in phase 1 (Fig. 1.1). The goal of the feedback surveys will be to give the trainees an opportunity to tell us, BINZ, what we are doing right and where we need to improve (Nanda, 2009). This feedback will give us the employee's reaction and learning from the training they just received.

Feedback assessments have been proven to be one of ...

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