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When and How should a Company Train its Employees?

Consider one type of industry in terms of the type and nature of safety training organization in that industry should provide (construction, office/professional, manufacturing, retail, food service, etc.). This could be your own company. And answer the following questions below.

Does the size of the company affect the recommended training?

Would you train only new hires, or conduct regular, on-going training?

In what situations would you consider hiring a consultant to do the safety training?

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Let's consider the restaurant industry. Your company is a small company, called XYZ eatings, with only 16 employees:

Type and nature of safety training XYZ eatings should provide:

Health and safety trainings to prevent job injuries and illnesses (e.g.burns, falls, robberies, assaults, etc...).

Does the size of the company affect the recommended training?

The size of the ...

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While it is good practice for companies to train staff, certain factors come into play for a company that is considering staff training. Those factors include the size of the company, the type of company, and the type of training that should be offered (i.e. consultant). Suggestions of training types are also included.