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    Factors that Affect Company Training of Employees

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    Does the size of the company affect the recommended training?

    Would you train only new hires, or conduct regular, on-going training?

    In what situations would you consider hiring a consultant to do the safety training?

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    Type and nature of safety training XYZ eatings should provide:

    Health and safety trainings to prevent job injuries and illnesses (e.g.burns, falls, robberies, assaults, etc...).

    Does the size of the company affect the recommended training?

    The size of the company does affect the recommended training. First of all, the larger the company, the more resources the company has ...

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    Companies should train both new hires so as to introduce and familiarize them with the proper procedures/guidelines, and conduct regular, on-going training/mentoring/follow ups so that employes continue practicing staying safe on the job