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    Prepare an Analyses: Reorganization of jobs and responsibilities; strategies, resources

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    Your employer has been going through many challenges this past eighteen months due to the recent financial crises. There has been major challenges throughout the company including, high turnover, software applications being used are outdated, stress is increasing for those employees who have been staying around, and morale is at the lowest point ever for the company . The remaining executives are planning to do a re-organization of the jobs and responsibilities throughout the company. However, each time the executives want to implement the change; another batch of employees resigns. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare an analyses of what the executive leaders must do. Present your findings as a report in a Word document formatted in APA style.

    -Apply the best organizational development process skills the executives should use
    -Apply the change strategies within the short-term and long-term
    -Evaluate and present the impacts of the resources

    Present your findings as a Word document formatted in APA style.

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    This case intends to address the difficulties encountered by the management as a result of some financial crises that the company is facing with. The four key challenges that are causing difficulties on the part of the management include the following:
    1. High turnover of employees
    Employees tend to resign after a short period of stay in the company. This kind of problem may have been caused by factors such as: personal circumstances of the employees themselves, intrinsic, or extrinsic factors.

    Factors within the employee may include possibilities such as: changes in their civil status, health, and family, among others that necessitate a resignation from his job. Intrinsic are those factors related to the job itself - the job may have become less interesting/challenging/boring; the task does not match the employee's skills and other qualifications; and others related to the job performed by the employee. Extrinsic factors include: wages, incentives, supervision provided, etc.

    In the case at hand, it seems that the problem is intrinsic in nature. The job may ...

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