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Meeting with Human Resource Development

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Meeting with Human Resource Development (HRD) team as well as all the department heads. Preparing for the first change intervention. Option for beginning the change reorganization using a series of specific steps or interventions?

What are the first 5 interventions that can be used to begin a change-management reorganization?

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The paper provides the tasks which will be adopted by an organization in order to manage and prepare for the change and reorganization of its structures and management. In order to understand this reorganization, firstly, we will discuss change intervention and the issues leading to taking steps for improvement.

Change Intervention:

The term intervention is referred to the methods adopted by the manager in defining and identifying the problems existing in the organization and making further plans for implementation. They are planned and programmed activities, which aim at bringing changes in an organization. There are various types of interventions undertaken according to the type of issues existing in an organization. The management is responsible to set goals and directions for the organization and ensure that these goals are achieved in an appropriate time and manner (Boonstra, 2008). There can be both long term and short term strategies adopted and accordingly the work towards the change can be implemented in the organization.

The task of the manager is to ensure that the change should be planned and implemented accordingly. This can be done by planning the change and setting goals and timelines for its execution and completion and finally, making necessary resources available for its execution. Thus, manager is termed as a change agent who develops and set guidelines for the change process. This makes the organization a team, as a whole, which can work together in bringing change in the organizational structures and processes. These changes tend to make improvements in the functioning of an organization and creating efficiency and effectiveness. These changes are brought by the employees and the change process is facilitated by the managers and consultants.

These interventions can be implemented by either an external consultant who acts in consultation with the client members. There can also be an in house member who can play the role of a consultant and initiate the change process. This intervention can take place either at the process of task, at system levels or at the hierarchy of levels existing in an organization (Resnick, 2007). An example in this case may be that at the task level, the intervention may be regarding how a decision is made to improve the interconnectivity and helps in identifying the problem to bring improvements. An intervention can also be related to the organization, as a whole, in order to bring vertical or horizontal integration at different level of organization.

This section provides the reasons and issues that necessitate the need for undertaking reorganization and its management.

These interventions can be related to various issues, some of them are:

Human Process Issues: These issues are related to human interactions in the organizations, and the problems related to communication, decision making, leadership and group dynamics.

Technology or Structure Issues: There can be problems related to the job design, grouping of personnel in departments and problems related to the coordination among departments.

Human Resource Issues: There can be issues regarding the recruitment of able and capable people, setting appropriate goals, giving rewards and supporting them with their personnel problems (Noakes, 2012).

Strategic Issues: There are certain issues faced by the organization regarding what products and services are to be sold in which, markets they will have the competition, and how those challenges will be met.

The below section explains the series of steps that will be required for implementing reorganization strategies and interventions for bringing the change in organization. Various steps of interventions will be discussed in the next section.

As quoted in the words of French & Bell, interventions are a structured set of activities, which is undertaken by the organizations, in ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2253 words with references.

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