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Importance of Human Resources

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1. Developing a report on the effectiveness of a staffing process for entry-level jobs, what factors would you address and why?

2. How can an individual managers be more aware of the legal requirements of staffing systems and take steps to ensure that they themselves engaged in legal staffing actions?

3. How can staffing system management, retention management, recruitment planning, strategy development, and recruitment planning help the future profession of HR?

4. Why do we need Human Resource Directors?

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The importance of human resources are determined.

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1. Factors for Effectives of Staffing Process

In order to analyze the effectiveness of staffing process for entry level jobs, different factors can be considered. The most effective indicators for analyzing the effectiveness of staffing process are quantitative measures and ratios. These indicators help in measuring the effectiveness of staffing process because in terms of quantity, manager can be able to track the effectiveness based on the time. In addition to this, these measures are helpful in examining the process and outcomes variables of staffing process.

Some other measures of staffing process are measuring the number of applicants upon the vacancies. This factor helps in indicating the effectiveness of recruitment activities in attracting the candidates for vacancy. The yield ratio is also helpful in indicating the candidates who are moved to the next step in staffing process (Bechet, 2008). With the help of this, the company can be able to analyze the effectiveness of the process that has been adopted for staffing. It is analyzed and if proper selection for entry level jobs is not made then corrective actions can be taken.

An organization also identifies the time that has been taken for the staffing process. Limited time for staffing process can affect the sound effectiveness of staffing process. On the other hand, time-consuming staffing process will also reduce the yield ratio of the company. Retention rate also helps in identifying the effectiveness of staffing process. It is useful in analyzing the number of people who are still within the organization after a long period of time. Thus, there are several factors that helps in analyzing the effectiveness (Ployhart, Schneider & Schmitt, 2005). Proper planning and strategies for the staffing process will be beneficial for the ...

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