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Philosophy or Purpose of Human Resources

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What is your philosophy or what is the purpose of HR? What method or methods are used to train employees in your workplace or one you are familiar with? Is it effective? Explain improvements and offer suggestions you think will benefit the training program in that workplace.

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The solution discusses the philosophy or purpose of human resources, and what method(s) are used to train employees.

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Purpose of HRM

Human resource management plays a very important role in an organization. Basically, people, as one of the major factors of production, should be basically the right people who are committed, highly motivated, and are contributing to the attainment of organizational goals and objectives.

Cherrington (1995) said that the purpose of human resource management is to bring the right people to the organization, teach them how to do the job, and make certain that they are paid and treated fairly. This reporter partly believes in this statement, hence some modifications were made such that:

The purpose of human resource management is to bring the right people to the organization, facilitate their learning and development to perform their job effectively and efficiently and to prepare them for more responsibilities in the future, and to make certain that they are paid and treated fairly and equitably.

According to Porter (http://www.netmba.com/strategy/value-chain/ ) in his value chain model, human resource management is a part of the activities supporting the activities that are primarily involved in the production, marketing/distribution of products and services in a way that the company achieves competitive and differentiation advantages.

Method/s used to train employees in the workplace and their effectiveness

Training is conducted by an organization not only to make employees effective in their present jobs but also to prepare them for more challenging jobs in the future. The bottom line of these, however, is organizational ...

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