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Mission statement and philosophy of a hospital

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Compare and contrast the mission statement and philosophy of a hospital related to nursing practices with the mission and philosophy statement of an educational institution.

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Let's take a closer look at one educational and one hospital facility for you to consider for your final copy.



St. Joseph's Hospital is "an independent, purpose built private hospital set in peaceful and picturesque grounds on the outskirts of Newport. The hospital is easily accessible by both car and public transport, is situated within half a mile of the M4 corridor and is well placed to serve not only the whole of South Wales but also the bordering towns and counties of Mid-Wales and England." (http://www.stjosephshospital.org.uk/)

The Hospital Mission is reported on the website, which relates to nursing practices, as well as other staff practices:

"Wherever the Sisters of St Joseph have a hospital, hospice, clinic or dispensary whether in the UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, India or Africa, the mission is, total care of the patient.

Each department in the hospital maintains and develops the widest possible awareness of care that recognizes the uniqueness of each person whose needs are met as far as resources allow.

Each doctor, member of staff, volunteer, is a link in the achievement of the mission and is valued as such. In order to provide holistic health care the talents, skills and motivation of staff at all levels are developed.

The atmosphere of mutual support and concerted effort is encouraged by good communication and the availability of senior management to staff and to patients. A well motivated and contented professional team ensures high morale. The patient is at the centre and his/her needs take precedence over convenience or comfort of staff or arrangements." (http://www.stjosephshospital.org.uk/index.cfm?UUID=9606C6A0-5A28-49E7-93DC6B1FBC8746E7)


The St. ...

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