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Mission Statement and Value Statement

You have just been appointed as the director of a new health care or human service organization (for example, a public health clinic). As the director, one of your first tasks is to draft a mission statement and a values statement for your organization. As your organization grows, your stakeholders will provide their input and help shape these statements.

Please answer the following questions:

(Description of Organization) What services does the organization provide? Who is the clientele? Is it a for-profit or non-profit organization?

(Mission Statement) What is organization's mission statement? How will the mission statement support the ethical system? What message does the mission statement send to the community?

(Values Statement) What is the organization's values statement? How will these values inspire action and influence behavior? How do these values relate to the organization's mission?

Please follow APA guidelines (500 word-count)

Solution Summary

Through illustrative example, this solution drafts a mission statement and a values statement for an organization. It then explains how these values inspire action and influence behavior. It also explains the relationship between the organizational mission and values, and how the mission statement supports the ethical system and the message it sends to the community.