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    Analyzing Coca-Cola

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    I am having problems analyzing Coca-Cola. I am trying to critically evaluate their mission, vision, values, and goals based on the guidelines in the below link and what changes should be recommended. I am not sure how to develop this based on the below link.


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    // The section describes the process followed for the formation of the mission, vision, goal and values statement of an organization. It further presents an analysis of Coca-Cola's vision, goal, values and mission statement. //

    Coca-Cola, the company having its origin in Atlanta, Georgia over the years has established itself as one of the leading producers of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and is widely popular across the globe. The mission statement explores the primary purpose for the existence of the organization. It should be formed on the basis of the products and services delivered by the company to the ultimate customers. The development of a mission could be either an innovative or analytical exercise for the organization. It may be how the management of the company would like to see themselves from the perspective of the employees (FitzRoy, Hulbert, & O'Shannassy, 2012). The philosophy of Coca-Cola as mentioned in the mission statement of the company is focused towards creating novel ways to refresh and rejuvenate all the customers associated with the brand of the company.

    The company also aims at making a significant value-addition by generating positivity in the lives of people. Though the mission statement opted by the company illustrates the intent of the ...

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