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Strategic Vision and Importance to the Success of Health Care

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Define the term "strategic vision" and discuss its importance for the success of any healthcare organization.

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The Solution provides several paragraphs to outline the concept of strategic vision and its relation to health care.

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Strategic Vision and Its Importance to the Success of Health Care Organizations
Healthcare systems are very complex and confusing, especially in the United States. Combined with very rapid changes in the environment, usually produces some turmoil and chaos within healthcare organizations. This confusion and complexity makes it even more critical that healthcare organizations define and clarifies its strategic vision. Having a strategic vision is integral to the success of health care organizations(HCOs) (Fuller & Green, 2017; Reed, 2013).

As it relates to HCOs, the first step in any strategic transformation is to clarify the HCO's mission, visions, and goals. The 'strategic mission' defines the HCO's distinctive purpose or reason for being. The strategic vision represents what the HCO's leaders ...

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