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Health care managment

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How does accountability of managers relate to leadership, organizational structure, and the mission and vision of an organization?

How have health care organizations, in general, and your organization, in particular, evolved toward embracing management theory?

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The soltuion discusses the accountability of managers and it gives an explanation of hwo various health care organizations have embraced managment theory.

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* Managers need to be held accountable for the positive and negative actions that they produce as well as the outcomes expected of them. They should not blame other people and the external enviornment if something should go wrong. Managers need to take the initiative in oder to influence the outcome and make sure that results are produced. They also acknowledge that many of the tasks needed to be completed require the expertise of various employees to be completed effectively. When managers accept responsibility for any situation within his/her organization he/she is being held accountable for the positive aned negative results.

Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling cannot be accomplished without an effective organizational structure. Individuals in managment are responsible ...

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