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Cross-discipline relations

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Discuss how the disciplines you studied interact with the topic: impact of government on small businesses. How do your areas of study overlap? Where might they create difficulties for you?

Areas studied:
American Government
Physical Science
Business Communication
Personal Finance
English I, II
Strategies for Decision Makng
Practical Philosophy
Business and Society
Philosophy of Sci and Technology
Border and Coastal Security

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The expert discusses how the disciplines should have studied interact with the topics for impact of government on small businesses. The expert determines how these might create difficulties.

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All the sciences and humanities overlap each other and support each other. Yet, they are not equal to each other, since some fields are more universal than others. Ethics and history deal with ultimate ends, while communications or business serve only as a means. The existence of separate fields is a necessity, but it does provide a distorted view of the world. My area is the relation of government to business, especially small business. Automatically, we have political science, history, ethics and economics, just to name four.

Yet again, none of these four sciences exist in isolation. Political science takes from ethics, history, economics and psychology. Nothing in government makes sense unless it has an end, a purpose. What is this purpose? Justice? Few would deny that, and therefore, moral philosophy is central to understanding both economics, politics and history. If not justice than what? Itself? All human action has a moral end, regardless of the modern preoccupation with relativism and hedonism.

We might say the same about small business. What is its purpose? To make money? What is the purpose of that? One might say that money makes people happy, or that owning a small business gives ...

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