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    Employee discharge

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    Please help me develop the following for a better understanding of my assignment:

    1.Provide and discuss TWO different discipline and/or discipline situations in detail.

    2. In each of the two scenarios that you provide, what led up to the employer's decision? Did everything go well from an HRM perspective? Discuss the process, and also the strengths and drawbacks of the approach taken by the supervisor or HRM representative.

    3. From the employee's perspective, was the discipline/discharge viewed as fair? Explain why or why not.

    4. Were the employer actions challenged in either of the examples you provide? Please discuss.

    Prepare a detailed response that is professionally presented while addressing each question asked. Use HRM terminology. For any research conducted, use internet research that is reliable and gives substantiated information. Please provide referencing in APA format to help make the arguments stronger and a list at the end of the response so that I may look them up.

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    1. One discipline situation is the termination of the store-keeper in the first factory building. The reason was absenteeism. She did not appear for work without leave for four days in a month and five days more in the next month. She was in charge of the store and because of her absences the store-room had to be broken open at least three times.

    The second discipline situation I discuss is the termination of a machine loader for petty theft. The machine loader had been caught stealing some plastic pellets. The theft was first spotted by the supervisor three months ago. Since, the value of the theft was estimated to be $1.50; the machine loader was warned and let off. One month ago again the machine loader was caught stealing some plastic pellets by the same supervisor. This time the value of the pellets was $2.00. The supervisor told the HRM that the loader was a habitual thief and should be terminated immediately.

    2. In case of the ...

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