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This addresses Safety Gloves Discharge, with Just Cause?

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Grievance Discussion Case 3: Safety Gloves Discharge, with Just Cause? This case examines if a termination is justified based on employment law and union contract due to the circumstances given.

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Here are the Yes/No questions, and why they're Yes or No.

A. YES. The employee's actions were clearly against employee policy for the last incident involving the gloves, and for the previous incidents that involved the safety gloves also, as well as incidents where she was caught sleeping during a safety meeting, and involving the safety glasses. However, the union will argue that the rules were not posted in each department, as was required under Cause for Immediate Discharge, Section 1, provision 7.

B. NO. No grievance was filed, but there was written information regarding the incident, which is the note where management stated that if there was one more rule violation in the next 12 months, the employee would be immediately discharged from employment with the company. No grievance was filed, but could have been filed, if the employee either (1) would have ...

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This solution addresses the case of: Safety Gloves Discharge, with Just Cause? All case questions are thoroughly answered.

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