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Functional groups of some organic compounds

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In organic chemistry, a functional group is an atom or group of atoms that determines the compound's characteristics. For each of the following compounds: 1) give an acceptable name; 2) identify the functional group; and 3) and discuss general key chemical properties of the chemical that a fire, environmental, health or safety personnel should know.

a) CH3CH2 - O - CH2CH2CH2CH3


c) CH3 - C - CH2CH2CHCH3

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a) 1. Name of the compound: n-Butylethyl ether 2. Funtional group is ether 3. Harmful, highly flammable, harmful by inhalation, you have to wear a suitable protective clothing for safety (reference: http://www.chemexper.com/)

b) 1. Name of the ...

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This solution is a short description of the name of an ehter, alcohol and a ketone. It also describes about the chemical properties of them.

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