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Organic Compound Analyzed using UV specro and IR Spectro

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A organic compound is analyzed using UV-Spectroscopy and IR spectrometry.

(A) Assuming that this compound exhibits a maximum absorbance at a wavelength in the UV region, sketch an expected UV spectrum and label the axes.

(B) Sketch an expected IR spectrum. Label the axes.

(C) What are the major differences and similarities between these two specra. Which is more useful for quantitative work? and which is for qualitative?

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The solution is given in 400-450 words with diagrams attached. It discussed the organic compound analyzed using UV specro and IR spectro

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Here are some suggestions and explanations for the problem you posted. Attached are the sketches of the UV and IR spectra, along with some additional points and explanation. These answer parts (A) and (B).

(C) The principles behind UV and IR spectroscopy are the same. However, with UV spectroscopy, we are dealing with the excitation of electrons from ground to excited states, whilst with IR we are dealing with the vibrational excitation of bonds.

Major similarities and differences between spectra: It is apparent simply from looking at the spectra that there are some similarities. Both feature absorption maxima and minima, and thus ...

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