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    Radiation wavelength as a function of temperature

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    Calculate the wavelengths at which the photosphere, chromospheres, and corona emit the most radiation. Explain how your calculation results suggest the best way to observe these regions of the solar atmosphere. (Treat each part of the atmosphere as a perfect blackbody. Assume average temperatures of 50,000 K and 1.5 x 10 K for the chromospheres and corona, respectively).

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    According to Wien's displacement law, the wavelength at which maximal emission occurs is given by:

    lambda = b/T

    Where b is a constant: b= 2.898 x 10^(-3) m.K


    Thus, for the photosphere, the average temperature is about 5000K
    The wavelength is:

    lambda = 2.898 x ...

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    The solution shows how to apply Wien's law to the blackbody radiation problem.