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Frequency, Wavelength, and the electromagnetic spectrum

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1) A function of wavelength (the intensity of radiation emitted by a solid) has its peak at (2.877 x 10^-3)/ (t+273.15). t represents the temp in degrees C and the peak wavelength is in m. Determine the frequency in Hz corresponding to the peak wavelength and identify the region of electromagnetic spectrum for:
(a) an adult human with "normal" body temperature
(b) a furnace heated to 4000 degrees C
(c) the star Sirius with surface temp of 10800 degrees C
(d) device transmitting at 2.46 GHz. At what temperature would a solid have a peak wavelength corresponding to this frequency?

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This solution provides step-by-step equations for determining frequency at peak wavelength and at regions in the electromagnetic spectrum in various situations.