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    Line, Wavelength, State of Origination and Region

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    A line in the Brackett series of hydrogen has a wavelength of 4052 nm. From what state did the electron originate?
    n_1 = ________

    In what region of the electromagnetic spectrum is this line observed?
    __ radio
    __ gamma rays
    __ microwaves
    __ ultraviolet
    __ infrared
    __ visible
    __ X rays

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    Use the Rydberg equation:
    1/lambda = R (1/n12 - 1/n22)
    R = Rydberg constant = 1.097 x 107 m-1
    lambda = wavelength in meter
    n2 > n1
    Converting ...

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    This solution shows how to calculate the state an electron originated in and how to figure out the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that this line is observed in.