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1H NMR and Infrared Spectrum Prediction

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What does the 1H-NMR spectrum and the IR spectrum look like (with notations on each peak on both spectra) for propyl p-tolyl ether?

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The proton NMR and IR spectrums of an organic compound (Propyl-p-tolyl ether) are presented with assignments

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Identifying Compounds Using Infrared, NMR and Mass Spectroscopy

I need to identify the 2 unknowns. I was given these graphs. For each unknown, I was given IR, NMR, Mass spec and CNMR. I need the following for each graph:

IR- Peaks, range, and functional group
NMR- what each singlet and doublet represent
Mass Spec- total mass, what each line represents
CNMR - what does CNMR graph tells us?

And of course, what each unknown is.

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