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H NMR to obtain the conformation of two cyclic organic molecules

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NOTE: Could you please use carbohydrates as the examples of the cyclic organic molecules?

Describe how H NMR can be used to obtain information about the conformation of two cyclic ORGANIC molecules. Length 750 words + illustrations + references.

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It describes how H NMR can be used to obtain information about the conformation of two cyclic ORGANIC molecules such as carbohydrate.

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Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is the use of the NMR phenomenon to study physical, chemical, and biological properties of matter. NMR spectroscopy is routinely used by chemists to study chemical structure. All nuclei that contain odd numbers of nucleons and some that contain even numbers of nucleons have an intrinsic magnetic moment.

D- Fructofuranose (Compound 1)

Looking at these two compounds the structure can be determined and differentiated by using NMR technique.

From compound 1 The NMR shows the following chemical shifts ...

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