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    Please help with the following problem.

    Help with the following light-dependent reactions: Noncyclic electron flow and the Calvin Cycle.

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    Help with the light-dependent reactions: Non-cyclic electron flow and The Calvin Cycle.

    I. Non-cyclic electron flow

    The first stage of photosynthesis is called non-cyclic electron flow. Photosynthesis begins when light energy enters what is called a photosystem, a cluster of pigment molecules in the thylakoid which reflect the light until it reaches a particular molecule of the pigment chlorophyll a. The particular photosystem that the light enters is called Photosystem II, and the chlorophyll a is called P680. The light energy is transferred to an electron in the P680 molecule. This high energy electron is released and accepted by a nearby electron acceptor molecule. Also, a water molecule is split into hydrogen ions and an oxygen atom, donating an electron to the P680 molecule to ...

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    This solution discusses noncyclic electron flow and the Calvin cycle.