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Distinguishing between Organic Molecules

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Question: What chemical tests might be used to distinguish between: pentanal and 2-pentanone, between benzyl alcohol and diphenylmethanol? I believe that the tests to distinguish pentanal and 2-pentanone can be: NMR spectrometry and a 2,4 dinitrophenylhydrazine test. The tests to distinguish benzyl alcohol and diphenylmethanol can be NMR spectrometry again and a melting point test.

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This solution provides a detailed response to allow for the development of a solid understanding to this organic chemistry-based problem. Each technique proposed is explained, in terms of why it may or may not be appropriate in this given case.

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Your question says how to distinguish between these species .It does not say chemically or spectroscopically. Chemically you can distinguish any aldehyde from a ketone by a silver mirror test (Tollen's test) and a diphenylhydrizine test. However, a very authentic test to distinguish aliphatic from aromatic is by putting a ...

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