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a few organic chemistry answers

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Is there anyone who could help me with my organic and biochemistry class?

Can a carboxylic acid can be oxidized to a ketone?
What type of molecule is this? (CH3CH2)2C(OCH3)2
The conversion of a ketone to an alcohol is an example of a(n)?
How many carbon atoms does one molecule of propionaldehyde contain?
The following molecules all have molecular weights near 75 amu. What has the lowest boiling point?
The ester formed between methyl alcohol and propanoic acid is:

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1) not by oxidation but by the Dakin-West reaction it can http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dakin-West_reaction

2) (see attached PDFs as ...

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quick answers (with references) to a few questions regarding aldehydes and carboxylic acids mainly

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