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Organic Chemistry

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1. The compound 2-methyl-1,4-pentadiene would be classified as what type of diene?

a. conjugated

b. isolated

c. cumulated

d. internal

2. Select the least stable diene listed below:

a. 2,3-pentadiene

b. trans-1,3-pentadiene

c. cis-1,3-pentadiene

d. 1,4-pentadiene

3. Which of the following bromides would produce the most stable carbocation?

a. methyl bromide

b. ethyl bromide

c. vinyl bromide

d. allyl bromide

4. If 3-bromo-1-pentene is heated in water, an alcohol is formed. Which of the following is not produced?

a. 1-penten-3-ol

b. 4-penten-1-ol

c. 2-penten-1-ol

d. all are formed

Need back in 45 minutes please posted at 4 credits due to time frame.

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1 is (b) The double bond units occur separately. The p systems are isolated from each other by sp3 hybridised ...

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