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legal protections against wrongful discharge

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Refer to Table 18.1 on page 587 in your book. Read the related text. From that information, summarize and explain the four categories of legal protections against wrongful discharge. Write a good introductory sentence to set up your essay, and then write one good paragraph for each of the four categories. (We only need a summary.)

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There are four types of legal protections that employees have if there is wrongful discharge>
There are several constitutional protections that an employee has against wrongful discharge. These include the First Amendment protection of speech, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments related to due process and equal protection, and the provisions of state constitutions. There are issues related to separation of powers, right to trial by jury, equal protection and procedural due process. The employee has the protection of separation of power, right to trial by jury, and procedural due process. This is the protection provided by the constitution.
There are a host of statutory laws that help prevent wrongful discharge of employee. The tenure laws of civil service provide ...

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