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Wrongful Discharge

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Q.: Worth H. Percivil, a mechanical engineer, was first employed by General Motors in 1947 and remained in their employment until he was discharged in 1973. At the time his employment was terminated, Percivil was head of GM's Mechanical Development Department. Percivil sued GM for wrongful discharge. He contends that he was discharged as a result of a conspiracy among his fellow executives to force him out of his employment because of his age, because he had legitimately complained about certain deceptive practices of GM, because he had refused to give the government false information although urged to do so by his superiors, and because he had, on the contrary, undertaken to correct certain alleged misrepresentations made to the government. General Motors claims that Percivil's employment was terminable at the will of GM for any reason and with or without cause, provided that the discharge was not prohibited by statute. Has Percivil been wrongly discharged? Why?

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This solution discusses the wrongful discharge case of Worth H. Percivil. The prohibited by statute discharge is examined.

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Pervicil has not been wrongly discharged. In order to prove that he was illegally discharged, the discharge would have to have violated public policy. This would have included termination due to race, gender, or other protected status as defined in Title VII of the civil rights act, termination due to a disability, ...

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