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Reviewing Work and Formatting Styles

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All students should answer the following discussion question and post the response to this thread in the Main forum by Wed, Apr 18, Week Four. To ensure substance the response should be at least 200 words or more in length each question. Integrate relevant course resources as appropriate.

What is the value of reviewing written work from the overview or big-picture level before beginning to edit at the grammar or punctuation level?

What is the purpose and historical academic use of specific formatting styles?

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277 words and 3 references answering discussion question

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The solution includes 277 words & 3 references. A partial piece of the writing taken from the second paragraph is below:

The purpose of using a specific formatting style is to keep the paper structured and standardized so that writing is easily understood by others (Zgoda, 2008). The history of APA formatting involves...

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Unique challenges of managing the human resources function for a hospital
Managing the human resources of a health care facility, particularly a hospital, is not an easy task. As indicated by a study cited in an online source, the most frequently reported challenge was poor employee retention. Other significant challenges include lack of qualified personnel, and lack of a system for performance evaluation.

Other specific areas that pose a challenge to the human resource management of a health care facility include:

1. Diverse employee population
Handling employees of diverse race, culture, values, economic situation, family orientation, and of other socio-cultural variables is critical to a human resource manager. Diverse employees have diverse work styles, priorities, job engagements, motivations, principles, beliefs, and perceptions that may affect their levels of performance.
2. Urgent need for personnel who are knowledgeable about new medical technology and information systems
Competitors beat each other through respective implementations of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies possible. In order to cope, a health care organization must have to invest in such technologies and at the same time invest in enhancing the knowledge and skills of personnel.

There is also a demand for more sophisticated medical processes in ...

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