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    Worker assessment using DISC

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    Using the results from the DISC Platinum Rule(tm) Assessment completed individually, prepare a 1, 500 word paper in which you compare and contrast the predominant behavioral styles of the following styles:

    Dominance Style (Ds). The sub style is the producer.
    Steadiness Style (Sd). The sub style is go-getter.
    Interactive Style and the sub style is impresser.

    Evaluate the effectiveness of the two styles as a result of the combination of
    the DISC® styles represented.

    I have an attachment that might help. Also I will do the introduction, conclusion, a bar graph, and the APA formatting.

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    The dominance (D)style and the steadiness (S) styles are probably most opposite. The S style is all business and without consideration of others in the pursuit of their goals. The S is warm and more involved with others, working to with them on everyone's goals. The friendly style of the S is complementary with the Interactive style (I).

    Interactive styles are friendly and work well with others, but have enthusiasm for their work and being successful. The interactive is a leader with people skills, communicates to others, their ideas, and listens as well to others. This people person is very much like the S style, who are also warm and people oriented. The I style is a style suited to sales, since influencing others is a goal. The goal of the I to build ...

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    A discussion on the differences in the styles and substyles using DISC Platinum assessment tool. The styles: Dominance, Steadiness, Cautious, Interactive.