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    The Ubiquitous DiSC: Results, Performance Plan and Timetable

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    As Rick Brocato (2003) puts it, "self-awareness is the coach's first step to understanding" (p. 22). Coaching is involved in a wide variety of management and human resource functions. Therefore, self-awareness is central to developing our own coaching capacities.

    Once again, please return to the background readings and review the Brocato (2003) article on coaching. Pay special attention to his discussion regarding instrumental learning methodology and the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior instrument (pp. 19-22).

    Next, complete a free version of the DiSC instrument - "The Ubiquitous DiSC" offered by Net Jobs On-Line Recruitment, accessed March 11, 2010 at:

    Assignment Expectations:
    Once you have completed this, please:
    Discuss the Results of Your DiSC and Create a Performance Improvement Action Plan, specifically, a Plan of Action & Commitment Timetable, in a paper, not including cover and reference pages, that looks something like this:

    1. What does your DiSC report tell you about your strengths and capacities in relation to coaching, specifically?
    ? What aspects of the report seem to describe you well?
    ? What aspects of the report do not seem to describe you well?
    ? How does this information relate to other self-assessments that you might have taken in the past?

    2. Prepare a "Plan of Action and Commitment Timetable" as illustrated in the Brocato (2003) article, Figure 4, p. 21.
    Feel free to search the Internet for other information on DiSC. A wide variety of companies and coaching services related to DiSC are now available online internationally!

    ? Reference any sources that you use in your work.
    ? Use headings and subheadings to clearly show the structure of your analysis.

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    Attached is the response based on the ubiquitous DISC quiz.

    DISC Results
    My DISC assessment classifies my behavior style as Cautious. According to the result, I am cautious, calculating, contemplative, and careful. This is the right analysis about my behavior trait as I indeed like to stick to rules, regulations, and procedures. My approach is to do the task right in the first attempt itself and hence prepare myself for all situations which could not favor me. I feel this style would help me in coaching as I would come across as careful, systematic, logical and precise coach. I would support everything I teach with facts so that individuals learning from me don't have problems later. This would require me to do a detailed analysis of what has to be covered for the coaching session. It could also mean extensive time spent on covering the session; though details to such extent might not be required. I would be ready for all ...

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