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self awareness

Please see attachement for instructions on assisting me with conducting a self awareness survey using your input and personal experiences.

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1. What does your DiSC report tell you about your strengths and capacities in relation to coaching, specifically?
? What aspects of the report seem to describe you well?
Dominance aspect of the report seems to describe my well. My high score on this dimension shows that I have a high degree of assertiveness, how I deal direct with problems, and control myself. During projects and even meetings, I have taken control of the situation and have brought the group back to its mission and ensured that the objectives have been achieved. Several times, I have been accused of high-handedness, however, I have taken pride in the results the team has been able to achieve. Whenever, I am in a team or a group, I bring the focus of each team member onto the problems that need to be solved, I allocate responsibility, and make sure that the work is done. This requires a bit of monitoring and control. This aspect of the report has satisfactorily described me well.
Another aspect of the report that seems to describe me well is my temperament. The test confirms this and I know that I am patient, persistent, and thoughtful. I have stuck to my objectives, worked patiently and over a period of time. I take time ...

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