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Forces impacting services

From your research and what you learned. Identify 3 forces that will impact this of service. Describe each force and analye why & HOW IT WILL IMPACT THE SERVICE. My service is Self Defense Training did research on it but can't find all i need on it with a reference list on it need reference

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//In the below text we are going to explain about the Self Defense Training programs conducted in many countries of the world. The text will also explain about the various principles involves in the self defense training programs and its origin.//

Training for self defense is an old ancient process and is conducted because Buddhist monks considered fitness level to be very crucial, as it enables to combat with exhaustion and road bandits. Self defense training programs are very beneficial for individuals, because it helps the people in facing the challenges coming in their way.

Self defense training is the complex process and requires having the basic knowledge about the anatomy, human physiology, psychology, and nutrition and system defense system. It is believed in this training that specific principles enhance the learning process. Self defense training helps in making aware about the stressful situations and how one should face these situations.

In many situations, people defend themselves through weapons or gun, but self defense training makes an individual capable to flight with challenges with its own power. Self defense training is not started in the ground or by facing the attacker; rather it starts by acknowledging the risk of danger that might come in front of the person. The use of right self defense training is the legal justification for using it at the time ...

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