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Video to introduce the iPad by Apple

Have you ever wondered about the introduction of the iPad by Apple? Perhaps some of you had an opportunity to see the introduction - just about 20 months ago. Here's the video of that event.

Think about the PESTEL model - which of the 6 macro-environmental external forces were impacting Apple? Were they threats or opportunities - if so, to what extent? Explain your thinking.

Which of the industry forces (using Porter's 5 Forces model) were evident at the time of this introduction? How do you think Apple regarded these forces - as threats or opportunities, and to what extent?

How could you use the VRINE model to explain the introduction of the Apple iPad? Which parts of the model applied - and to what?

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PESTEL model for the Launch of iPad by Apple:

The PESTEL model is a critical tool that is often used by smart business leaders in taking advantage of opportunities available in the market while mitigating threats. This is because it is able to effectively analyze the external environment of a business identifying the treats and opportunities available in this environment. During the introduction of iPad by Apple in 2010, the macro environmental external force that impacted Apple from the six forces within the PESTEL model were Social forces, Technological forces and Economic forces. The social forces that impacted Apple were the social trends towards much more advance innovative products that can perform functions much better than conventional items, and this impacts demand and willingness of consumers to spend and purchase such newer products (Rasmussen, 2011).

This is in essence shown by Apple's introduction of the iPad which has been innovatively made and designed to specifically meet this changing social trend towards much more advanced and better gadgets that performing key tasks better than existing gadgets. This force presented an opportunity for Apple to provide a newer better functioning gadget to consumers in the market, one that is better than a smartphone and a laptop combined, one that has other special features that make performing key tasks such as browsing enjoyable; the iPad (Steve Jobs Keynote Video, 2010). In this sense, due to the strong influence that such a new product would have had on the market then the opportunity was very strong.

The technological forces that were impacting Apple at the time they introduced iPad into the market include the high rate of technology becoming obsolete, the speed by which technology transfer, and introduction of newer processes and products daily into the market. Within the industry in which Apple belongs, technology has been becoming obsolete at a very high rate. With every new technology in the market that can function better, the old one would become un-useful (Rasmussen, 2011; Schmeiser, 2011). Similarly, the speed with which technology transfers from one company to ...

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